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Are you trying to figure out how to read text messages on your husband`s phone? There have to be a good reason for you wanting to do this. Do you have a aching gut feeling that he is hiding something from you? Has his behavior around you and the phone changed lately? In the past did he not pay much attention to the phone but now he is on it constantly and are not willing to share what he is doing?

There can be many reasons for you to wanting to read his texts, the one thing though is probably that you do want to find out what`s going on, you do want to find out the truth.

The feeling of him hiding something from you is aching but in this article we will give you 3 different ways to read his text messages, 3 different ways for you to find out the truth.

1. Ask him to see the texts

2. Read the text messages on his phone

3. Read the text messages online

YouTube Preview Image

1. Ask him to see the texts

If your husband is not hiding something from you and this is all a misunderstanding, I am sure that he will show you what he is up to if you just ask. Sometimes it can be as simple as that, many times though you will not get the answer you are looking for. A bad excuse or it`s non of your business kind of answer well then you might want to investigate this further.

2. Read the text messages on his phone

Another way to see what he is up to is to try and get a glimps of the phone. When he is texting away see if you can see to whom he is sending the text. I know this is not always the easiest and if he is protective of his phone it can be almost impossible.

Do you think you can get access to the phone ones? If you can, reading the texts online might be your best option.

3. Read the text messages online

In today’s techie world there are apps for everything and reading text messages online is not an exception. You install the app on the wanted phone, you can then access pretty much all the phone data from your own online account.

This is what you will be able to see:

Text messages both send and received, yes the actual word by word message

Pictures that were send and received

Call log

Social media monitor

Website urls visited from the phone

GPS location of the phone

This and more, there is even an addition where you can view all this live on your online account.

So yes there are a few options for you when it comes to reading text messages. I hope this answer your question, how to read text messages on your husband`s phone, and that you will be able to find out the truth.

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Suicide car bomber kills seven in Kohat, Pakistan
March 22, 2017

Monday, April 19, 2010

Seven people were killed and 26 injured in the city of Kohat in northwestern Pakistan on Sunday after a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb near a police station, police officials said.

“It was a suicide attack, the target was a police station,” Dilawar Khan Bangash, police chief of Kohat, told AFP news agency. He said that all those killed in the attack were civilians. The explosion occurred at the back of the police station.

“Seven people have been killed and 21 were injured in this car suicide attack,” Abdullah Jan, another high ranking police official, told reporters. His statement was made soon after the attack, before the number of injured was revised upward. “These incidents are a reaction to the military operation in the tribal areas,” he claimed. Another police officer confirmed what Jan and Bangash had said, saying that approximately 200 kilograms of explosives were used.

The station was badly affected by the attack, and three rooms of a government-run primary school were destroyed. Seven local shops were also severely damaged.

This attack occurred a day after an earlier suicide bombing killed over 40 people near the same city, and two days after an attack in southern Pakistan killed upwards of ten people.

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Discovery lands at Kennedy Space Center
March 22, 2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Space shuttle Discovery landed at Cape Canaveral at 9:14 a.m. (1314 UTC) yesterday. It returned after a thirteen day mission to the International Space Station (ISS).

The mission was used to provide thousands of pounds of supplies to the ISS and brought thousands of pounds of trash and discarded equipment back to Earth.

The shuttle, which was orbiting the Earth with the engine facing forward, fired the engines briefly to slow down and begin the descent, flipping its nose forward to prepare for the landing.

As Discovery descended into the atmosphere, parts of the shuttle’s outer surfaces were heated to temperatures of about 3000°F (1650°C). The shuttle executed a series of computer controlled S curves to slow down to the landing speed.

The shuttle neared the landing strip at an angle 7 times steeper and a speed 20 times faster than a commercial aircraft.

The space shuttle was welcomed by hoots and whistles from the few hundred astronauts’ relatives and space center workers as it landed on the 3 mile (4.8 kilometre) long runway

“It was a fun entry — it was beautiful,” radioed mission commander Colonel Lindsey as he prepared to leave the shuttle.

“Just because we’re going to be back to flight doesn’t mean we’re going to change the way we’re operating,” he said. “We’re going to be very careful, very cautious, look at everything — and we’ll leave no stone unturned as we continue with this program.”

This is the second space shuttle flight since the Columbia disaster.

A further 16 shuttle missions are scheduled for completing the space station before the fleet is retired in 2010.

“This shows that with appropriate care and vigilance, the odds of operating the shuttle with acceptable risk are good,” said John M. Logsdon, the director of the space policy institute at George Washington University.

“It doesn’t mean the shuttle is safe,” he added. “The shuttle will remain a very risky vehicle, to be operated with extreme care.”

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Sellers on eBay UK and eBay USA have to deal with the major changes that eBay has unexpectedly announced.

If you are an eBay Shop subscriber based in the UK, expect a drastic increase in your subscription fees starting 1st April.

There are three types of eBay Shops, namely Basic, Featured and Anchor, with the last being the highest level, not to mention most expensive.

For a Basic Shop, which includes 200 listings, your monthly fee will climb to 25 from what was originally 17.38, and youll get 50 additional listings.

A Featured Shop subscription will go from a monthly rate of 52.75 to 69 and include 1,500 listings, which is 300 more from the original number.

As for the Anchor Shop subscription, which is inclusive of unlimited listings, the monthly rate will increase to 269 from 217.38.

Higher Insertion Fees

An insertion fee is charged on additional listings that exceed the maximum number of listings included in your eBay Shop subscription.

When eBays new fees start to take effect, Basic subscribers are going to pay an insertion fee of 15p from the current 9p for every listing in excess of their free monthly listings.

Meanwhile, for listings that go beyond the free ones in the Featured Shop subscription, a fee of 5p from what was originally 4p will be charged.

No insertion fees for Anchor subscribers as they are entitled to unlimited listings.

Aside from their free monthly listings, Featured and Anchor Shops subscribers also get listing and packaging credits.

A Featured subscription comes with 10 worth of listing upgrade credit while an Anchor subscription has 20 worth of credit.

Featured and Anchor subscribers also get free packaging credit worth 10 and 20, respectively.

Unfortunately, sellers with the Basic Shop subscription do not qualify for either of these freebies.

YouTube Preview Image

eBay USA Offer More Visibility

If youre an eBay seller whos based in the US, youll love some of the updates on eBay USA, but cringe on others.

Remember those third-party product listing ads which turn up in eBay search results?

eBay have replaced them with eBay promoted listings, to make your product more visible to buyers.

Whats more, a Promotions Manager, which will be available next month, will help get your special offers to appear in search results within the eBay mobile app.

Flexible Shipping Tools

Moving on to shipping, eBay created new tools that give you the ability to manage your shipping costs and handling time with ease.

Using eBays location-based shipping rate tables, you can come up with shipping rates based on the distance of your shipping destination from your warehouse.

eBay also created a calendar tool to help you organise your shipping schedule.

New Final Value Fees

Citing the amount of their investment, marketing efforts and tools to enhance seller and buyer experience, eBay said the adjustment that theyve made to the final value fees is just fair.

Starting 1st May, they are going to impose their new final value fees on eBay Store subscriptions.

Your FVF will depend on the type of category you sell in. See the guide below.

Store Subscribers: Select Computers/Tablets & Networking, Video Game Consoles, Heavy Equipment, Concession Trailers & Carts, Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment, and Commercial Printing Presses

Current FVF:4%

New FVF:No Change

Store Subscribers:Select Consumer Electronics, Select Cameras & Photos, Coins & Paper Money, and Stamps

Current FVF:6%

New FVF:6.15%

Store Subscribers:Musical Instruments & Gear (except Pro Audio and DJ Equipment)

Current FVF:7%

New FVF:7.15%

Store Subscribers:Select Motors Parts & Accessories and Automotive Tools and Supplies

Current FVF:8%

New FVF:8.15%

Store Subscribers:Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Collectibles, Home & Garden, Select Camera & Photo Accessories, Select Cell Phones Accessories, Jewelry & Watches, Sporting Goods, Toys & Hobbies, Health & Beauty, Select Business & Industrial, Books, DVDs & Movies, Music, Video Games, and all other categories (exclusions apply)

Current FVF:9%

New FVF:9.15%

Store Subscribers:Non-Store Subscribers

Current FVF:10%

New FVF:No Change

Stringent Requirements for Top Rated Sellers

Sellers who meet eBays selling and shipping standards are tagged as Top Rated Sellers, and qualify for exclusive benefits like a 20% discount on final value fees.

However, eBay decided to reduce the FVF discount of Top Rated Sellers to 10%.

Its a bitter pill to swallow, especially for many sellers who are constantly working hard to be eligible for the Top Rated Sellers program.

To make matters worse, eBay announced that starting 20th June, to qualify for the said program, the tracking information which sellers upload to My eBay should be 95% of their transactions with US buyers instead of the current 90%.

However, its not all bad news in this area because from 1st April all Top Rated Sellers are going to receive a $30 credit quarterly, which they can use for their promoted listing campaigns on eBay.

We know how eBay can throw many off balance with the changes they come out with time and time again.

If theres one thing that they havent changed yet, its their promise to help you grow your business.

Do you think that still holds true?

About the Author: Online sellers don’t be left behind. Multichannel marketing is the quickest route to reach your customers. Check out our easy to follow tutorials on Magento, M2E Pro, Magmi and other eCommerce tools that will help you sell and earn more on Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces. Head over to

, see you there!


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Caterpillars force temporary closure of Wisconsin state park
March 22, 2017

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A park in the U.S. state of Wisconsin has been closed, due to being over-run by gypsy moth caterpillars.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced the unprecedented move yesterday, with officials saying they would temporarily close Rocky Arbor State Park near Wisconsin Dells due to an infestation of gypsy moth larvae.

The larvae are present at the park in such large numbers that, according to a report by the Wisconsin State Journal, camping there would “apparently be a squishy, nightmarish experience.”

Mark Guthmiller, DNR gypsy moth suppression coordinator said that “there are also health and safety considerations that prompted our action,” explaining that there was a significant risk of people having severe allergic reactions to the caterpillars. There were also concerns that the caterpillars might be accidentally transported out of the park on park user’s vehicles to areas where the moths have as yet failed to establish themselves. Guthmiller also commented that related sanitation issues” would also “significantly detract from the quality park camping experience.”

Andrea Diss-Torrance, another gypsy moth coordinator for the DNR, said of the infestation: “It’s very severe – it’s as severe as I have ever seen.”

The closure, which will run until at least June 27, is thought to affect around 95 campground reservations at the site, which covers 255 acres. State officials have been attempting to arrange alternatives for campers at nearby parks, or, failing this being acceptable, are offering refunds. The park will be closed until after the caterpillars have completed pupation – the period in their life cycle in which they transform into moths.

The gypsy moth is a pest in the U.S., having been introduced in the 19th-century in a failed attempt to to try to breed a hardy variant of silkworm. The moths can strip the leaves off at least 250 different tree species, and as they lack natural predators in the U.S., cause significant damage. The moths often chew leaves but don’t actually eat them, thus increasing the potential damage.

At Rocky Arbor, they have already stripped all the trees in some areas of the park. The caterpillars can kill trees directly, but more usually weaken them so that they are more susceptible to die from other causes, such as disease.

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How Spoof News Satirists the Daily Squib Changed the Course of History



During the U.S. election Democratic primaries nomination fight of 2008, polls indicated that Hillary Clinton had finally overtaken Barack Obama and seemed poised to win a shot at the White House as the first ever female president of the United States. She had rallied the Democratic party base. She had electrified the American people. She also had her husband, Bill, firmly behind her waving a banner and she had firmly established herself in the consciousness of her countrymen as the surefire presidential choice that would make history.

YouTube Preview Image

Then, something truly astonishing occurred, the Daily Squib, a maverick British satirical outsider published an outlandish piece of spoof news that shook the heart of America. The Daily Squib headline ‘Ku Klux Klan Endorses Obama’ went ballistic, the slogan even turning up at election rallies with Obama telling people to ‘quieten down already’. The tag line for the Daily Squib article was a perfectly photoshopped banner held by Klan members with the slogan ‘KKK Anything better than Hillary. Vote Obama’. Who were these spoof news upstarts from the U.K.? The story went viral and soon became the No1 topic of conversation in America. Almost overnight, Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers began to drop precipitously as the arrayed forces of electronically transmitted satire propelled Obama over the shoulders of Hillary Clinton’s sure thing. Before you knew it, Clinton was superseded by Obama who went on to became the first ever African president. For the first time in American history, a presidential candidate had seen all her hopes and dreams undone by the sheer emotive power of naked, unbridled satire.

No one can doubt that 2008 was a truly powerful time for satire and the viral power of the internet was its vociferous piston driving home a message of hope, clarity and racial harmony. How things were to change thereafter.

The unbridled success of the Daily Squib soon after encouraged many other satire/spoof news sites to pop up all over the internet trying to capitalise on the satirical revolution it had engendered.

Naturally, with the flood of every Joe and their dog starting a spoof news website, this in turn muddied the waters and managed to saturate the already crowded internet, consigning it to a plethora of websites simply vying for traffic and advertising revenue through populist banal headlines with not much satire involved.

Through the mire, the Daily Squib managed to inflict rational thought on more serious subjects like religion, taking swipes at the fascistic behaviour of America’s TSA, and level some horrific satirical warnings of what may come in the future causing mass hysteria in the Middle East, it even managed to encouraged Paris Hilton to join Islam.

Unlike many other publications, the Daily Squib has never advertised, is not funded by any corporation or organisation, is not affiliated to any political party or religion, and has very limited resources despite its long list of spoof contact addresses. It therefore languishes in the outer reaches of the corporate pool, a satirical maverick with a cult following and no monetary support. If there ever was a spoof news site that followed the tenets of Juvenal, and true satire then the Daily Squib wins its twisted crown of digital thorns.

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Welsh historian John Davies dies aged 76
March 20, 2017

Monday, February 16, 2015

John Davies, highly regarded Welsh historian, has died at the age of 76. Davies worked closely with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) during his career, often as a commentator on BBC Wales. As well as his work as a broadcaster he was also an author and a teacher at several universities across Wales.

As an author he won the Glyndwr Award, an award that recognizes an outstanding contribution to the arts in Wales, and the Wales Book of the Year in 2010. He won the later award for his work Cymru: Y 100 Lle I’w Gweld Cyn Marw (Wales: 100 Places to See Before Dying). He also wrote A History of Wales, a book regarded, according to the BBC, by many as definitive on Welsh history.

Tributes have been paid to Davies from many people including politicians and broadcasters. Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones said “He’ll be remembered as one of our great historians […] of Wales’ past which he gladly and passionately shared through his teaching, writing and broadcasting.”

Current BBC presenter Huw Edwards said “He had an extraordinary way of sharing his message in an engaging and lively way — in both languages — and that was incontrovertibly proved in his excellent and comprehensive work A History of Wales[…] He was a colourful character and great company.” Another BBC tribute came from Rhodri Talfan Davies, the director of BBC Cymru Wales. He said “He didn’t just bring the story of Wales and its people to life — he did so in technicolor.”

Davies, who lived in Grangetown, Cardiff, would go on to share his knowledge of Welsh history by teaching at both Swansea and Aberystwyth universities. He also held the position of warden at Aberystwyth, monitoring a student residence hall.

He is survived by his wife Janet and four children.

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Family narrowly escapes fiery death in Christchurch, New Zealand
March 20, 2017

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A family visiting Christchurch, New Zealand from Australia was minutes away from being burnt to death.

They were staying in the Meadow Park Holiday Park, Papanui.

The fire started about 3 a.m. NZST and Station officer Paul Rodwell said, “From the description, they were a few minutes away from perishing.”

New Zealand-born Elaine Puku is on life support in Christchurch Hospital’s intensive-care unit after receiving internal and external second-degree burns while trying to rescue her children.

Other family members – Malcolm Puku, 47, and sons Jeremy, 17, Matthew, 13, and Jordan, 10 – were also in the fire, but escaped grievous injury. They are currently recovering from minor cuts and smoke inhalation.

“I opened up the door into the lounge and the room was like a big volcano, so red and bright and yellow, and all this billowing black smoke,” Malcolm Puku said.

There were no smoke alarms in the unit.

“It doesn’t have any fire-protection smoke alarms because it’s an old place,” Rodwell said.

Fire safety officer Graham Davies said that the accommodation is exempt since it was built before fire detectors became compulsory.

The motel is now under investigation by the Fire Service.

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Travel ban 2.0 exempts Iraqis, U.S. permanent residents
March 19, 2017

Thursday, March 9, 2017

On Monday, U.S. president Donald Trump signed in the Oval Office a revised version of his executive order barring entry to the United States by refugees and individuals from certain Muslim-majority countries. While the previous ban, which caused chaos at airports and drew considerable criticism from within and outside of the U.S. government, covered seven countries, this one names only six and specifically exempts legal permanent residents and anyone who already has a visa to enter the country, or a visa revoked by the earlier executive order.

Residents of Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen must now wait 90 days for visas. Iraq was removed following concerns that people who had helped the United States military and Iraqi government during and after the Iraq War might be left in danger. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said this was because the U.S. State Department and Iraqi government improved the vetting process, though he did not say what exactly changed. The Iraqi government also lobbied heavily. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi spoke with President Trump by phone and Vice President Pence in person. A senior official with the Trump administration also told reporters the Iraqi government had promised “timely repatriation” for Iraqi nationals whom the U.S. has decided to deport.

There is still a 120-day moratorium on accepting refugees into the U.S., though the ban on Syrian refugees is no longer indefinite. The new order omits language that gave priority to religious minorities, which critics such as National Public Radio’s Domenico Montanaro read as “Christians.” Claims of religious discrimination against Muslims contributed to the first order’s overturn by the judiciary.

Under the previous travel ban, permanent residents in possession of a green card were concerned that if they were to visit their home countries they might be barred from returning to the United States. The new executive order exempts them.

Representative Adam Schiff, a Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said both orders have “the same fundamental flaws.” Representative Andre Carson of Indiana, who is Muslim, referred to this as “Muslim ban 2.0” on Twitter. Senator Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from New York, called for the order’s repeal, saying, “A watered-down ban is still a ban.”

Not all of the response has been negative. “I have always shared President Trump’s desire to protect our homeland,” said Senator Lindsay Graham, a Republican and a critic of the first executive order. “This Executive Order will achieve the goal of protecting our homeland and will, in my view, pass legal muster.”

The order is set to go into effect on March 16. The White House continues to affirm that the original travel ban was legal and the issue may still be heard before the U.S. Supreme Court.


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